If you want to create a more free world – your goal should be to free yourself first. 

This tactical checklist is your guide on how to navigate the journey from a non-player – stuck in the mindless machine – to a sovereign and FREE individual.

This Actionable Checklist Walks You Through The First Steps To Discovering Your Own Life of Liberty.

Hi, I’m Henry Bingaman, the creator and host of Practical Liberty.

My promotions have broken many company records, including the most profitable promotion in the history of a $20mm+ health company and the most front-end sales in a single day in any Agora division.

In total, I’ve sold over $300 million worth of products for my clients.

However, it’s not my sales records or the millions I’ve made that are my proudest accomplishment.

It’s being born into an inner city, low-income family, and breaking the predetermined script for my life to achieve true freedom.

Today, I’m about as free as anyone can become in this society.

I can live anywhere in the world, I have a support network that I can tap into whenever I need to, and generally I do what I want to do.

But what’s happening in the world right now is horrifying, and I want to use the lessons I’ve learned in my life and career to do something about it.

I feel that I can have the most impact by helping individual people become as free as I am.

In my new Cornerstones of Liberty program, I'll show you step-by-step how to move through all 4 Levels of Liberty.

Because if we’re ever going to lead a real liberty movement, it has to come from people who are mostly outside the clutches of the ruling class, and are fighting from a position of strength.

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What People are Saying About Henry and His Training

Thanks so much for doing this. I’m eager to learn as much as I can."

Keith Tee

I LOVE IT! I'm 100% aligned with what you're up to."

Tracy Friedlander

This... felt like a PAID COURSE! You dropped so much value. Thanks Henry for this one. I'm grateful to be part of your loyal tribe.

Practical Liberty Member

I just listened to the podcast episode about this... The value in that discussion is immense. Looking forward to the follow-up down the line."

Theresa Waggott

I love the theme of this and all the levels of liberty. I will be listening."

Dan P