Triple Your Promo Response

Two of Agora's top copywriters spend 2 hour and 40 minutes breaking down a successful promo to show you how to dramatically increase your sales


This Exclusive Training Includes Over Two and a Half Hours of "Basement tape" recordings:

Watching this incredibly valuable session you'll discover

Secret 1: The Big Idea: How to find compelling ideas that weave a golden thread through the whole promo


Secret 2: Misdirection: How to “plant the seeds” that keep people engaged through the whole promo… without using shady tactics


Secret 3: Guru Superpowers: How to merge the Big Idea with the guru’s godlike powers to create an unstoppable force in the audience’s mind


Secret 4: Entertainment! How to breathe life into your copy so it doesn’t sound like a dry recitation of facts and figures


Secret 5: Transmutation: How to take an ordinary product and turn it into an experience or movement that people can get behind


Q&A: Deep dive into how top copywriters, Marcella Allison and Henry Bingaman, think through their copy process


Wrap Up: Quick Overview of the 5 key takeaways and final thoughts

What Top Copywriters Say About The Training

“Marcella and Henry's ‘$5.5 Million Dollar Promo Makeover’ is an amazing look inside what it really takes to create a promotion of any kind at the very highest level -- from the ways of thinking to actual techniques.

It was eye-opening for me and it's assigned viewing for any copywriter I mentor.

It's like you're there with them through the process, looking over their shoulders.

They don't just show and explain the end result. They take you through the work it took to get there.

Not for the faint of heart. But definitely for anyone aspiring to high-level copywriting success.”

-- David L. Deutsch,

"Any copywriter who’s serious about leveling up needs to watch this training. I would question anyone who doesn’t.

As a copywriter, it’s super easy to get distracted by shiny objects (I’m guilty of this). It’s easy to forget the way you leapfrog in your career is by shadowing the pros and seeing firsthand how a multimillion-dollar promo gets made. No book can do that for you.

Most copywriters will never do this, by the way. Because they don’t want to do the work, or they don’t know how to get in the door with a pro.

When 2 of the most successful copywriters in the world invite you to a back room to watch the sausage get made, you don’t ask questions, you jump.”

-- Carolynn Ananian

"That was an amazing presentation! Thank you. I re-watched it, took careful notes, and instantly thought of a million different ways to improve the campaigns I'm working on.

Finally, I understand how big ideas create million-dollar promotions. Not because someone described what a big idea is (I've read all the descriptions)... but because someone finally demonstrated how to create one.

During your demo, I realized how collaboration, feedback, and research can refine the idea... and I realized how layering stories can amplify the power of the big idea.

Your chemistry, charisma, and passion were super entertaining to watch.”

-- Roman Alvarado


This Training Once Sold For $599.00 Today you can claim it for FREE

When Marcelle was operating the Titanides, she sold this training for $599. And it was worth every penny. However, now that's she's sold that business (and our affiliate deal ended), I've gotten the green light to do with this video what I please.

I considered selling the course or including it as a bonus with a paid product in the future. And I may still do that at some point.

However, for a limited time, I'm giving it away just for joining my email list.

Inside this inner-circle training...


  • You’ll watch as we take a sh*tty first draft and hammer it into a multimillion-dollar promo with absolutely nothing more than this secret drafting tool used by A-lister copywriters worldwide. 
  • You’ll experience some of the actual breakthroughs we made during the writing process. And you’ll learn how to uncover hidden gems in your own copy.
  • You will participate as a fly on the wall inside our creative brainstorming sessions and watch the exact moment where we discover the “big idea” that was going to take this promo from good to great.
  • You will hear how we push back and reject different ideas until finally landing on the right idea so you too will know how to filter through ideas for your next big project.
  • You’ll finally understand not only how to develop your promo’s “big idea” but how to convince the buyer to (literally) buy into the idea too.
  • You’ll discover the secret of “misdirection” which is how top-tier copywriters make their copy read like a novel you simply can’t put down.
  • You’ll learn the Hollywood screenwriting techniques that transform the copy from a boring recitation of the facts… to a polished movie plot.
  • You’ll have a front-row seat to see how a highly lucrative (and entertaining!) creative collaboration works. 
  • You’ll uncover the secrets of “transmutation” which take your product from a boring widget to the experience of a lifetime.
  • You’ll see how one word can change an entire promo and how to develop a dictionary of moneymaking profit-words for your own million dollar promos.
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